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18 August 2009 @ 12:03 pm
okay so i think i might shoot myself.
theres this realllllllllly annoying girl named NICOLE.
she has NO sense of originality whatsoever.
she copies EVERYTHING from me, bianca, and alex .
music, bracelets, clothes, words, you NAME it.
i seriously dont know what to do. im not friends with her
anymore because of it. like it just got way too out of hand, and she
wouldnt stop after we tried talking to her SEVERAL times. this went on for years.
even though we arent friends, she STILL cant just stop ! i dont know what to do.
she is driving me insane. she always used to talk about how much she hated the jonas brothers,
and how gay they were. and i use to defend them. and put her in her place. NOW, she WENT to the concert that i went to! and shes all obsessed with them now! ANDDDD. ready? she is trying to call me out by quoting full mmoon crazy by HONOR SOCIETY! we were so mad. like i know how pathetic this sounds, but like if youve been an honor society fan for like, ever. and then one of your enemies cals you 'FULL MOON CRAZY' and starts to be obsessed with them; wouldnt it bother you? like i totally support the boys and i love that their fanbase is growing. but this is just the one person in the whole world that i wished would not find out about them. because i have kept them from her for so long since she practically becomes obsessed with every band that i listen to. but NOW, shes like 'omg i love honor society! blah blah blah!' and i am going crazy. ive met them FIVE times! I LOVE THEM! not her! hshasfjfslsahjj ahhh ! i know i sound so pathetic right now, but i really just need to vent =/. and i no longer can do it anywhere else because nicole will fucking find it . this girl is freaking crazy. FULL MOON crazy. seriously. gsdhsdfhhalsha. someone help me. im dying. like i know it shouldnt be a big deal and im acting like a complete bratty fan girl, but its just that i cant stand how nicole has to invade on EVERYTHING. and she doesnt even find out about things on her own. she like sneaks around, i dont know how, and finds out our twitters and facebook and stalks me. sdfjfdjkskjfskjfdskljdfslkjkjlfsajkl;fads/ HELP. what should i do ?
12 July 2009 @ 05:21 pm
last night was the demi concertttt :)
let me just tell you, it was AMAZING.
we got there waaay early in hopes to meet her...but that didnt happen=/.
but we DID meet kevin (her bass player)

and we had an encounter with alex (keyboardist) !
we were walking outside the backstage doors and alex skates right by us on his skateboard!
we were like 'ommmmg! alexxx!' but he didnt hear us...so we yelled ALEXXXX! and then he poked his head around and waved at us :) ! so so cute :).

i wasnt much of a ksm fan before this, but their lead singer has some amazing lungs and they are actually really good live. shelby and sophia are pretttty cooool! the other 3...eh=/, they kinda bother me, haha. but they were good.

david david david <3. awh he was so so cute and humble! he's so adorable when he sings and he has so muchhhh talent! def. one of the best performers i have seen. his voice is incredible and he makes you want to just run up there and give him a big hug :) hah.

DEMIIII<3! demiiii was amazzzing. she opened with la la land and everyone was screaming like crazyyyyy. she def. saw us singing the words to all of her new songs :) yayaayayyy. her setlist was amazinnng<3 except she had to cut it short (rumored that she had a hoarse voice, and also rumored that she was sick since she puked after the show.) she didnt play quiet, natural woman, got dynamite, or catch me :( but it was still incredible!

one of the best nights of my lifeee <3!
Current Music: got dynamite - demi lovato
07 July 2009 @ 04:34 pm
ooh god, haha . i havent updated in WEEEEEKS .
end of the year/graduation BUSINESSSSS .
okay well im going to be on here a LOTTTT more now !

duuude. LV&TT <3 is amaaazing. before the storm and fly with me are my favorites. what about yours?

me and my best friend alex (xpocketfulofme) are going to a demi concert this saturday :) ! and next friday too ! yayyyy . must.learn.all.of.the.live.versions.of.her.new.unreleased.songs.!
i'll be sure to post pics and vids after the concert :) yeeeeeay .
Current Music: stella - all time low
19 May 2009 @ 07:28 pm
dudes, i am SO SO SO sorry.! hhah, i havent updated this is FOREVER. i go on here and look at all of the jonas stuff hahah but i forget to post my own entry :X. im sorry :) hahha, not like anyone reads this anyways.
has anyone seen the pic that jb posted of joe playing the ukelele on twitter yet ? hahaha, priceless :D. that is the reason why i love those boys. i cant WAIT until august 3rd and 4th to see them and the gents ! ppp after? i think so :D!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: teddy geiger
13 April 2009 @ 02:19 am
wooooo todays easter ! :)
i got a suitcase for spain fulll of candy hahahahah . creative, mom :] .

anywhoooo! i ate SO MUCH freaking candy today, sugar is going to come out of my eyes and nose. i seriously feel like i gained 100 pounds, might get cellulite now, and am now obese. hahahah. i realllyyyy wish that candy tasted bad. ugh. all good tasting food is BAD FOR YOU. uhsdhjhgakhglad. DOES ANY ONE KNOW ANY REALLLLLLY GOOOOD TASTING HEALTHY FOOD? hahah. i need it . my diet consists of milk, pasta, quesadillas, candy, coookies, energy bars, and fruit. hahahha. plese help me.
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Current Music: dreamers - push play.
30 March 2009 @ 09:05 pm
wow im sorry this is gonnnna be like only a couple sentences . but

TOMORRROW IS MY BDAY :] ! WOOT WOOOOOT . i still doubt i'll get anything, but whatevvva !

bad news: im super super sick . fever, body aches, sore throat, the whole sha-bang . does anyone have any good tips to it fight offff ?

oh & omg, i dont know what has hit me, but i have fallen IN LOVE with alexander noyes .(DRUMMER, HONOR SOCIETY .) like i've always loved loved loved all of them to death, but i have a sudden spark inside of me ahahah . i've been spamming him on twitter(follow me at www.twitter.com/heyitsbrooke) and myspace, he needs to respond or i will die . "hit me with those BLUE eyes, baby. as the lights go down" hhaha yes i quote miss taylor swift, dont hate .

wowowowowow, good job brooke . this turned out way longer than i was i the mood for hahah! claps for brooke .

********oh and guys, im reaalllly sorrry for not being a good "friend" not  and posting comments on your guys' journals as often as i would like to. i dont find myself on here toooo much, but if i have the time, i try my best . sorry, ahahha .
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Current Music: see you in the dark .
29 March 2009 @ 11:25 am
did anyone see honor society @ hob last night ? omg, i've seen all the vids and pictures, it was absolutely AMAZING. like evvvveryone was there; from demi lovato to katelyn tarver; & even JB ! ah, they neeeed to do a show here, or my heart might stop beating .

now i'd love to see you in the darkCollapse )
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27 March 2009 @ 04:36 am
omg tomorrows friday. and then that means i get to SLEEP IN ON SATURDAY ahh yes. i need to catch up on my sleep/hw. im babysitting tomorrow, but i shouldnt really complain cause i need the $$ to pay my mom back for my jonas tickets....haha .

omg, my bday is in 5 days(march 31!) :]. im pretttty positive im not getting ANYTHING though, cause i got tickets to two jb concerts last week.... i realllly wanted an acoustic guitar, jac vanek bracelets, CLOTHES(mainly urbanoutfitters, forever21, some abercrombie, hollister, dresses, black converse, a new ipod, and just cute little accesories. i know i wasnt gonna get ALL of that, but i was hoping a couple things...=/. cause they have money to go buy my little brother all of these toys, but not to buy me birthday gifts right? i can't believe im saying this though, i should be grateful for what i have...im sorry.

anywhoooo, i've been listening to alot of gavin degraw lately; love him !

oh &&& hoorrraaay for hot weather :]. break out the mini shorts. am i totally wierd for loving the feeling of having my window open ?
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24 March 2009 @ 09:22 pm
oceanup has been pretty....interesting.
im not complaining, these pictures are freaking halarious ahhahah.
oh damn, nick j. giiimmme some.!

im bringing sexy back .Collapse ) 
i hope these made your day (: they definitely made mine a lot funnier, hahah :] .
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24 March 2009 @ 03:20 am
okay so i never post and when i do, its really stupid and boring. sorry for the five of you that probably look at my page hahah. im not really literate and descriptive like all of you amazing and really talented people. im a flaky flawed emotional and hormonal fangirl, love it or leave it . thanks world, ~broooke OUT.
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